Fulfilling our potential

By Susan Langford, Director and Founder, Magic Me

Too many people are not currently able to enjoy life, contribute to their community, or reach their full potential. I am supporting the Social Integration Commission because I am eager to work with others to fight the labels, systems, and judgements, which put people in boxes, particularly those relating to age.

At Magic Me, younger and older people often tell us that they feel excluded, seen as not being valued, because they are ‘too old’ or ‘too young.’ Media commentary about shortages – whether housing, benefits or jobs – often pitches one generation against another, forgetting that we were all young once, and hopefully will all grow older. This divisive language can cause us to forget the things we have in common with one another, and damage the strong relationships which are important both at work and at home.

For this reason I fully support the Commission’s enquiry into how we can create spaces and places where people meet and come alongside one another, getting a healthier and more realistic view of how others live, and how we can all make the most of life, wherever we are on the journey.

Susan is a member of the Commission's Delivery Working Group

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