Nurseries as community spaces

By June O’Sullivan, CEO, LEYF

I was pleased to discover that I was not the only one worried about the implications of the UK becoming more diverse by age, by ethnicity, and by income. At LEYF we have always focussed on the importance of early years education in enabling social mobility, as well as providing intergenerational and open spaces for different people to come together. No child or family should face disadvantage and isolation, and at LEYF we are committed to providing opportunities for these children to learn and develop through play, and for their families to meet others who can offer them friendship and support.

The media coverage of integration ricochets from scaremongering to complete assent but rarely do we have a planned, considered and informed debate on integration - for this reason the Commission is an excellent opportunity to gather evidence on the extent of social isolation and division, and help us tailor our early years institutions to give children and their families the best support necessary to counteract these negative forces.

This is why I am delighted to be a member of the Delivery Working Group which will support the Commissioners, particularly by digging deeply into the impact of social division in school, work and retirement. It’s no small task so we so we need to get cracking!

June is a member of the Commission's Delivery Working Group

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