An inclusive and confident Britain

Matthew Rhodes, Director of Strategy, British Future

We know that Britons want a more integrated society and a stronger sense of what we share in our diverse society – which is both increasingly tolerant, yet anxious about the pace of change. At British Future, we focus on encouraging open conversation on integration, identity, and economic opportunity, in order to create a future we can all feel confident and secure in.

I want to see the Social Integration Commission move the debate decisively on, not to get stuck in the academic debate about whether the glass is half empty or half full, but to contribute to how we make integration happen. We need to consider what are the most important practical steps we can take together – nationally and in the places we live - to accelerate progress towards a more inclusive and confident modern Britain. If the Commission does this then it should be a powerful voice for change.

Matthew is a member of the Commission's Policy Working Group

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