A society for all ages

By Stephen Burke, Co-founder, United for all Ages

We are much stronger as a country, and in our local communities, when we are united not divided. Some politicians and commentators have tried to pitch younger people against older people during austerity. This division is not only unhelpful, it also blurs the issue, and can avoid acknowledging the real dividing line in our society – income and class.

However there are also too few chances for young and old to mix – whether it’s at work, home or socially. Sharing our common experiences and talking together will dispel ageist stereotypes and suspicions across generations. At United for all Ages we create opportunities for shared facilities, care, and hobbies, in order to help people of all generations to come together and build strong relationships.

To maximise the contributions of all generations, we need to invest in education, training and work; we need more opportunities to contribute in later life as we live longer; and we need places and experiences that young and older people can share and learn from each other. This commission will help us to understand how to develop these new investments, spaces, and opportunities, in the most positive way.

Creating a society for all ages is the way for Britain to thrive.

Stephen is a member of the Commission's Policy Working Group

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