Ready to create a new story?

By Sam Stephens, CEO, Streetbank

Streetbank is supporting the Social Integration Commission because we have seen how bringing neighbours together gives life to the neighbourhood. Isolation and atomisation of our communities is only one story - everyone who chooses to connect creates a new story - life for themselves and their neighbourhoods.

Every day at Streetbank we have the pleasure of hearing about small acts of generosity - like neighbours lending each other much needed tools, helping with shopping, dog walking or teaching each other new skills - that make a big difference to people’s lives. This sharing of things and skills unlocks untapped local resources, builds social capital and gives a taste for generosity.

I'm looking forward to making recommendations that help foster social integration, making it easier for people to replace vicious cycles of fear and isolation with trust and interdependence.

Sam is a member of the Commission's Delivery Working Group

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