How integrated are you?

The Social Integration Commission has investigated how much we mix with people who are different to us – how socially integrated we are. As Britain becomes more diverse, whether we are socially integrated becomes a more pressing issue.

Different ages and ethnic and social groups mix in different ways in different parts of the country. This tool will tell you how much people like you - your social grade, age and ethnicity, living in your part of the country - tend to mix with others. Compare your results with your friendship group to see how integrated YOU are.

Are people like you?

Mega Mixers – in the top 20% of mixers?
Maxi Mixers – in the top 40% of mixers?
Medium Mixers – in the middle group of mixers?
Mini Mixers – in the lower 40% of mixers?
Little Mixers – in the bottom 20% of mixers?