The Policy Working Group is comprised of individuals and organisations committed to shaping policy around big social issues. The group will work alongside the Commissioners to review the emerging evidence, inform emerging hypotheses and suggest policy positions.

Steve Robinson, Chief Executive, Beth Johnson Foundation


Steve recently joined the Beth Johnson Foundation in 2014 as the new CEO. The Foundation was established in 1972 to develop new approaches to ageing that link practice, policy and research.

The Foundation’s work includes advocacy for people with dementia, health promotion for older people, ageing across the life-course and intergenerational work.

Steve has extensive strategic and operational experience in the voluntary sector having led a number of complex community and care programmes including Housing Associations and Registered Care Homes across England. Steve worked for many years in the field of intergenerational work and has developed significant “hands on” as well as strategic, knowledge about the power of cohesive communities, bringing groups together to work on common programmes and making a positive difference to peoples’ lives. He has experience of working at senior Government levels, helping to influence policy, law, and practice in his areas of expertise.