Made up of senior leaders and experts from the business community, the Employers Working Group will explore the barriers social division creates within the workplace and make policy recommendations to overcome them. 

Katerina Rüdiger, Head of Skills and Policy Campaigns, CIPD

Katerina leads the Policy Campaigns team at CIPD, which works to turn policy into action as a way to positively influence employer behaviour. She has developed and leads on the CIPD's Learning to Work programme that aims to tackle youth unemployment by increasing employer engagement with young people. She is responsible for the CIPD’s employer youth volunteering programmes, including Steps Ahead Mentoring and the CIPD’s collaboration with the Inspiring the Future initiative. Katerina also leads on the CIPD's approach to skills policy issues.


Previously, Katerina worked as a policy analyst for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) where she led and produced their policy review on skills utilisation and high-performance working.