Made up of senior leaders and experts from the business community, the Employers Working Group will explore the barriers social division creates within the workplace and make policy recommendations to overcome them. 

Arun Batra, Director at EY and CEO of the National Equality Standard (NES)

Arun is both a Director at EY and CEO of the National Equality Standard (NES) which he launched to significant acclaim at the British Museum in 2013.

Prior to thisSeveral national and international corporations have sponsored the NES which was established by Batra to raise the standard for diversity and inclusion in UK business and is proving to be a huge success. This ground breaking initiative, developed for business, by business sets out clear equality, diversity and inclusion criteria against which companies will be assessed.

Batra said, “we are pleased that the NES is so popular with a range of leading UK businesses who are valuing the help we give them to drive sustainable change and demonstrate exceptional practice. We know the NES allows businesses to benefit from the huge business case associated with embracing the diversity agenda. This allows them to improve working conditions for their employees and reap the financial rewards”.

Prior to joining EY, Batra, who is married with two young children, was director of Equality & Diversity at the Mayor of London’s Economic Development Agency. He was also Lead on Diversity and Inclusion at the Criminal Justice Group for the Home Office. He is legally trained and a nationally renowned expert in his field.