Eight independent Commissioners have been selected to shape the thinking around the issues the Commission will explore and produce practical and insightful recommendations. 

Each Commissioner brings a wealth of experience from their respective fields which include academia, business, education, politics and the public sector.

Professor Miles Hewstone, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford


Professor Hewstone is a Fellow of New College at the University of Oxford and he has published widely in the general field of experimental social psychology.

His major topics of research on intergroup relations have included: prejudice and stereotyping, stereotype change, crossed categorization, intergroup contact, the reduction of intergroup conflict, sectarianism in Northern Ireland, and segregation and integration. He is the author of over 200 scholarly articles and contributions to edited volumes, and has written or edited over 20 books.

Beyond his scientific contribution to the understanding of intergroup conflict, and especially how this might be reduced via intergroup contact, Professor Hewstone has also been actively involved in public policy relating to improving intergroup relations in the United Kingdom.